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How to Prevent Home Plumbing Problems

June 20, 2018
How to Prevent Home Plumbing Problems

While it takes years of apprenticing to become a plumber, there are some things that an average homeowner can do to help prevent big-time plumbing problems. These include both preventative measures as well as minor maintenance that can be performed without the risk of severely damaging your plumbing system. Here are some tips and tricks from Total Plumbing and Heating on how to keep your plumbing flowing smoothly.

No Oil or Food Down the Drain

The first thing you want to do to help keep your plumbing system healthy is not dumping any oil or food down the drain. It can be tempting just to take old cooking oil and put it down the drain, but it is the leading cause of clogged pipes and can lead to your pipes backing up. Food waste is no different. If it is at all greasy or fatty, then you should not be using a garburator! Putting food and oil down the drain is also bad for the environment. Throw food and oil into the garbage or compost.

Only Toilet Paper and Waste Down the Toilet

This is another one that comes down to clogging your pipes. Nothing should go down the toilet other than waste and toilet paper. Those wipes that say “flushable” on the box? Yes, technically they will flush down the toilet, but that does not mean they will make it through your pipes (and even if they do, they clog the sewers and lead to giant “fatbergs”). Even something as “innocent” as dental floss can end up wrapped around itself, stuck in your pipe and catching waste, leading to expensive repairs.

Check on Laundry Connections

The set of rubber connection hoses on your washing machine are a weak link in the whole plumbing system. They are not metal and can end up drying and bursting, leaving thousands of gallons of water to flood your home (imagine if this happened while you weren’t home!). Check these hoses regularly to make sure that they are doing well, and if you are going on vacation turn off the water so that if something were to happen, you would not end up with a flood!

Look Over your Water Heater

Water heaters have very long life spans, around 15-20 years. They should be checked periodically for rust or damage, however, as they can end up with leaks, breaks, or ruptures that lead to disasters. If you notice anything off with your water heater, then you need to call a plumber right away so that they can make the appropriate repairs or offer advice on a replacement.

Know the Location of your Main Valve Shut Off

Plumbing systems are very complex, and there can be hundreds of different valves throughout your home. If there is an emergency though, you are going to want to know the location of just one. The main valve shut off will turn off the water to your whole plumbing system and potentially save you a big headache. Learn where it is!

Prevention is only part of keeping your plumbing functioning properly. Sometimes, you will need to call a plumber to help you out. If you are looking for plumbers in Edmonton or Northern Alberta, then you need to contact the team at Total Plumbing and Heating. Our professional team are prompt and have the experience required to fix even the most complicated plumbing problems. Contact us today.