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Key Signs that Your Furnace Needs Repair

August 9, 2018
Key Signs that Your Furnace Needs Repair

Facing a breakdown of one or multiple components of your furnace is not fun! You have to wait for the technician to arrive and fix the problem, while you spend hours contemplating the numerous opportunities you had to call a professional and get your furnace maintained. Regular servicing of the system eliminates cost in hefty repairs and saves you the inconvenience of sitting in extremely cold or hot temperatures while the problem gets fixed.

In order to help you, we have listed a few key signs which indicate that your furnace is need of immediate attention and maintenance.


The thermostat informs your furnace system of the temperature you desire. If you have to prompt your thermostat frequently and dial the numbers to have any changes take place in the temperature, then your thermostat may be broken and ineffective. The electrical problems must get assessed by a professional immediately.

Gas Leakage And Water Pooling

Furnaces can leak gas and water. Gas leaks can be easily detected by a foul smell, in which case you must immediately turn off the furnace. It is also important to find the gas supply valve in the furnace and turn it off. You must call a technician as soon as possible, while refraining from turning on any lights and using any type of fire igniter.

Water is less dangerous than gas, but it also needs immediate attention. The issue can be detected by simply checking for a presence of water pool around your furnace. Water leaks are mainly caused by a blocked condensate line.

Minimal or Cold Air Blow

The absence of adequate blowing air is never a good sign. The issue can be a result of a major problem in motors and belts or minor damage in the fan.

On the other hand, if the free flowing air from the furnace is cold, there can be an issue with the pilot light or thermocouple. The help of an expert is needed to resolve the issue.

Sky Rocketing Utility Bills

Regular use of your heating system will not cause huge discrepancies in the bills unless there is an issue with the ductwork and your system has to work hard to maintain the set temperatures.

The constant turning on and off of furnaces, is an indication of improper air circulation, clogged filter and broken thermostat.

Lack of Maintenance

The absence of signs above is not necessarily good news because if your furnace hasn’t been examined by a professional in over a year, the indications of wear will soon start to become visible. Waiting for the components of your furnace to break down can result in costly repairs and a lot of time wasted. Call a reliable technician right away and get your furnace maintained!

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