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Things You Need to Know About Cooling Piping Systems

September 17, 2018
Things You Need to Know About Cooling Piping Systems

This system is an essential part of a variety of large-scale industries. It is difficult to find large buildings and operations without a cooling piping system. The main component of this kind of system is the cooling tower, which uses a specialized heat exchanger to bring air and water directly into contact with each other to bring down the temperature of the water. A small amount of water is evaporated through this process, reducing the temperature of the water being circulated throughout the tower.


Not all towers are appropriate for all applications of use. There are two types of cooling tower systems: mechanical draft towers and natural draft towers. The mechanical kind is small, while natural is quite large and used in big plants like power stations or refineries.

Within these two types cooling towers can be further broken down into three types based on how water or air pass through it. These are cross flow, counterflow, and hyperbolic. There are also two variants of airflow called induced draft and passive draft.

Crossflow – Use splash fill that allows for air to move horizontally over the stream of water from upper reservoirs. They are some of the most expensive systems available, but also the easiest to maintain. Although, they are more vulnerable to frost than others.

Counterflow – Air travels vertically over the splash fill as water streams down from the reservoir above, It is smaller than crossflow systems, but are more expensive because more energy is needed to push air upward against down-pouring water.

Hyperbolic – These are sturdy and require minimal resources, efficiently managing large-scale tasks within big chemical or power plants. It is chimney stacked allowing cooler, outside air to push damp, warmer air inside the tower. The splash fill is placed at the bottom while water sprayed over is cooled by upward-flowing air.

Induced – Uses a type of mechanical pressure, like a fan, to push air upward inside the tower. It can also push air in with a blow-through or draw-through.

Passive – Combines the upward motion of warmed air with chimney stack design to naturally pull air throughout the tower. Hyperbolic towers are always passive draft.


All cooling towers go through strict quality control checks to ensure any defects are rectified before being sent out. These systems are an integral part of various industrial applications such as petroleum refining, electricity generation, sugar production, chemical processing, refrigeration, air conditioning, steel processing, etc. This is why it is so important to have these systems installed properly and maintained regularly.

Choosing the best

When picking which cooling piping system manufacturer to go with, it is best to consult a professional who is knowledgeable about which system would work best for your needs. They will know who has years of experience in the field with a good reputation in the market. Once you narrow down your options based on the application you need it for, you can discuss budgets and choose accordingly. A professional can making this process quick and painless all while delivering exactly what your company needs.